'The Little Girl With The BIG Voice'
Singing because she loves to and to help raise money and awareness for amazing Yorkshire Charities
  1. 'Good Morning Baltimore' (9 years old)
    Jessica's winning performance at the 'Pulse Radio' Singing Contest
  2. Pulse Radio on air clip
    Rosie & Danny talk about Jessica's winning performance on 'The Danny Mylo Show' Pulse Radio
  3. 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' (9 years old)
    Jessica sung this song at the Teenstar Regional Showcase at Huddersfield Town Hall.
  4. 'Gimme Gimme' (8 years old)
    This was Jessica's amazing performance at The 'Breeze Has Talent' final at Northern Ballet in Leeds. This was Jessica's first time entering and came 3rd out of hundreds of children.
  5. 'Not For The Life of Me' (9 years old)
    Jessica performed this song at the Teenstar First Round. She loves this song and anything Sutton Foster sings.
  6. 'For the First Time in Forever' (8 years old)
    This was Jessica's 2nd live performance in public. This was the audition for 'Breeze Has Talent' and she amazed everyone and received some amazing feedback from the judges.
  7. 'Good Morning Baltimore' (9 years old)
    Jessica was the youngest contestant in 'The Voice of Leeds' which she entered to raise money for 'St Gemma's Hospice'. She gave an amazing performance and received some amazing feedback from the judges.
  8. 'For the First Time in Forever/Let it Go' from 'Frozen' (9 years old)
    Jessica loved getting to perform at the amazing 'City Varieties' for the 'Child Friendly Leeds Awards'.
  9. Medley of songs (8 years old)
    Jessica was very lucky to be able sing at 'The Grand Depart Leeds'. This video shows how professional she is, she was actually very poorly and still had a croak from a sore throat but she carried on with a smile.
  10. Jessica's amazing 'Witch's Cackle' (8 years old)
    Jessica practiced this cackle for a long time which landed her the main part in 'Panto Pandemonium'
  11. 'Jessica playing her piano' (8 years old)
    She loved this song
  12. Jessica's very first live public stage performance (8 years old)
    This was for 'The Voice of Yorkshire' raising awareness for 'Bethany's Smile Foundation' in Millennium Square Leeds.
  13. Made In Leeds Feature
    The great 'Beth Krysta Wilson' was kind enough to interview Jessica for 'The Book It List'